Retaining Walls

Not all residential lots in Houston are perfectly level, which can create many erosion and water drainage issues. For many, the perfect solution is a retaining wall built by AAA Affordable Concrete - your local concrete expert. This retaining wall will not only correct the aforementioned problems, but can also be a stylish improvement to your outdoor space.

More affordable than stone and with many of the same properties, properly poured concrete retaining walls will last for years to come at a fraction of the price. AAA Affordable Concrete has made it our business to be retaining wall specialists and we're able to create unique designs that address the needs of your individual location.

In working with AAA Affordable Concrete for a retaining wall in Houston, you'll experience our hallmark customer service and the high quality of our concrete builds. We'll take your design ideas and incorporate them into a beautiful concrete retaining wall that not only takes care of infrastructure issues but also looks great. For taller walls, we can use interlocking blocks that add extra strength and integrity.

Call 281-723-3038 or email AAA Affordable Concrete to find out more about options for your concrete retaining wall.

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