Concrete Repairs

While a proper concrete installation will last a long time, the unfortunate truth is that many concrete jobs in Houston are done hastily and without the attention to detail needed to preserve the life of the concrete. At AAA Affordable Concrete, a large part of our business involves concrete repairs and maintenance to fix bad concrete installation work.

When we visit your Houston location to inspect your concrete installation, we'll be honest about whether we think a repair is possible or if a replacement is the better option. In many cases, we've been able to save concrete patios, driveways, and walkways by repairing cracks and fixing the underlying water drainage problems.

In addition to standard repairs, AAA Affordable Concrete is also able to help Houston residents improve the attractiveness of their concrete with decorative restorations that can add vibrant and attractive textures to drab concrete surfaces. Stains, polishing, and overlays can all be used by our talented concrete restoration team to mimic more expensive materials like marble or deliver a new look to your property.

If you have a previous installation that's already showing signs of wear and tear, call AAA Affordable Concrete at 281-723-3038 for a professional concrete repair.

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